DSI strongly encourages members to apply for external funding such as that of CADA-West, Canada Council, CDA, and beyond. DSI will offer letters of support to members seeking external funding. DSI’s dance education subsidy is not intended to replace any existing funding offerings to the community. The funding is intended to offer opportunities for the dance community to share knowledge and experience related to dance safety, inclusion, and beyond. The program is intended to create a domino effect with safe movement practices, safe space expansion, and fair rate awareness.

-We are offering printing and media sponsorships on a case by case basis. Please email ed@dancesask.com for more information.

-Dance education subsidies are being offered to individual DSI members and members of groups who are DSI members. Please scroll down for more information.

-Dance shoe exchange program for tap, jazz, and ballet shoes is being offered through DSI. If you have shoes you would like to donate, or if you are in need of shoes, please contact office@dancesask.com. If you or your child are in need of dance shoes, members are being offered lightly used shoes at no cost.

-Residency and Mentorship programs will be available this 2022-2023 year! Stay-tuned!

-Cada-West also offers education subsidies to the community! please follow this link or copy and paste it in your search bar to access their page! https://cadawest.org/tsp.html

-If you cannot afford a Dance Saskatchewan membership, you can apply using a special request form for funding to purchase a membership. Please indicate on the special request form how you will use your DSI membership and what you hope to gain from being a member of DSI.


DSI will notify you within 10 business days if your application has been approved. Eligible expenses are: memberships that will offer educational opportunities, classes, training programs, teacher training courses, self-payment for education offered to the community, conference fees, education ticket expense, other.

To ensure the available funds are equitably distributed in the community, individuals can apply for up to $500 annually in subsidies. Requests surpassing this amount can be made by special request. DSI understand that this will not cover the full amount of expenses, however we hope that it helps elevate some financial strain. Not all applications will be accepted. Dancers can apply for funding any number of times in a year.

Example of how this fund could work: You would like to offer a class to emerging artists, your fee is usually $42/person/hour. You know the emerging artists interested cannot afford this rate. You encourage the artists to apply for this fund. They can receive the funding to pay you for your services.

Example 2: You know a dancer who is teaching a safe-choreography workshop. This workshop could help you better serve your practice and the dancers you work with. You can apply for some of the funds of the workshop to be covered by Dance Saskatchewan.

Example 3: You have an idea for a community program. You want to offer an outdoor Jazz class to the community for free. You know that the CARFAC rate for your teaching is over $45/hour. You can request DSI to cover your fees so that this class can be offered at no cost to the community- but you can be compensated fairly!

Example 4: You want a membership for an organization that is offering educational opportunities to dancers. The membership is $100/annually. You can apply for funding to cover the cost of your membership.

Ineligible expenses include: honorariums or fees for private events, travel outside of Saskatchewan, hotels, meals, training items (shoes, mirrors, other), private dwelling expenses, other.

Questions about eligibility can be directed to ed@dancesask.com. DSI Special Request Form DES



-Special requests for funding can be made at any time. Dance Saskatchewan Inc. will have the special request form adjudicated by two to three reviewers within 30 days of the special request submission.

-Special requests can be made for items, events, or programs otherwise ineligible through the current Dance Saskatchewan Inc. guidelines for the education subsidy.

-Not all special requests will be offered funding.

-By submitting the special request form, the applicant affirms that they have read and understand the procedures of DSI.

DSI Special Request Form DES