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Application letters and videos must include: Your background and primary discipline(s) as a dance-movement practitioner and/or educator;____ If this mentorship will focus on a project or will be more holistic;____ The discipline or aspect of dance-movement art on which the proposed mentorship will focus;____ How & why this mentorship is important in the growth/development of your artistic career;____ Specific milestones/timelines and final outcomes of your proposed mentorship;____ The amount you are seeking in funding and how these monies will be disbursed (i.e.: subsistence income for yourself, payment to mentor, other expenses) funding cap is $10,000.00 per mentorship per year;____ Any other details you feel the jury would find informative or helpful____ What you envision the final product to be (i.e. performance, video, workshop, other)____
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