Dance Saskatchewan is excited to present our tech rental program to our members! This free service we are supplying to our members is a way of reducing barriers for the creation and development of local artists and dancers.

Members are able to choose from our list of equipment and borrow them for periods of time depending on availability. Once you have confirmed your rental item(s) and rental period, the items will be available for you to pick up from our offices or for delivery to you if you are unable to pick it up. Keep in mind when determining your rental period, that delivery and return of the item(s) should be included in your rental period. Once the item(s) are booked you will be charged a refundable deposit that will be refunded to you once we receive the equipment. Once your rental period is over and you have returned the items, we will check the equipment for damages. If there are no damages your complete deposit will be returned to you.

We at Dance Saskatchewan recognize that even though this program is free and that it does reduce some barriers for our members it does not completely eliminate them.  So to make it more accessible we are allowing members to apply for use of our equipment on the basis of need and artistic merit. If you are unable to afford the full deposit amount fill out the application below and let us know how we can help. Applications will be accepted on a case by case basis and are dependant on availability of the requested products.

Is there a delivery fee for the rental?

If you choose to have the equipment delivered to you it will be at no extra cost! But keep in mind that the delivery period and the return of the equipment should be accounted for in your rental period. Also, return of the items to us will be at your own cost if you choose to send it by mail. (Make sure that if you are mailing it back to get package protection and to send the parcel back protected to reduce the chances of damage.)

What am I liable for?

Renters are liable for the care of the item during the rental period. If the product(s) are damaged/lost/stolen you are liable for them. The costs of repairs and replacements will deducted from your deposit, if these costs exceed your deposit you are liable for the remainder of the repair/replacement costs.

Where can I pick up/drop off my rental?

Rentals can be picked up in person or dropped off/mailed to:

309 Fairmont Drive

Saskatoon, SK


What happens if the equipment is not returned on time?

If the borrowed equipment is not returned to the offices by the return date, first step is to please call the offices and let us know about the delay as soon as possible. There is also the possiblility of a late fee charge depending on if the delay impacts another members rental or if the delay is longer than 48 hours past the return date.

Do I have to be a member to get access to this program?

Yes! This program service is only available to Dance Saskatchewan members. If you are interested in signing up for our member and accessing other membership perks, click the link below!