Dance Artist-In-Residence Program

Dance Saskatchewan, Inc. (DSI) is inviting you to apply to our new Dance Artist-In-Residence

Program in partnership with Remai Modern. Artists will be given the opportunity to work on their creative process and develop work inspired by exhibitions featured at the Remai Modern. The developed work will be featured at Remai Modern’s WEGO on August 25, a festival of music, dance, art and more! Artists will also get the opportunity to work with Remai Modern educational staff on movement development for youth programming. The aim of this program is to allow artists to develop work and be creative in an uninterrupted environment.

At Dance Saskatchewan, Inc. (DSI) we realize how difficult it is for artists to develop and work on their craft full-time. The DSI x Remai Modern Residency Program will allow dance artists, emerging and established to make their craft a priority. This program will allow artists to be supported financially while working and creating during the month-long residency. While supporting artists in their professional development, the artists will be aided by DSI services, resources, and funding.

The selection process will be decided by a panel of judges and will be based on the criteria of culturally diverse artists and styles of dance, needs, diversity of location within the province and values of each artist. The program prioritises those who are looking to pushing creative boundaries and who value dialogue and collaboration with different artistic mediums. Preference will be given to DSI members or non-members who are committed to joining our organization.

DSI and the Remai Modern will provide:
  • Dance-movement artists with accommodations
  • Studio Space
  • A $2500 Artist Fee /living expense (food, rent, bills, etc.)
  • Free access to the museum and exhibits
  • Necessary supplies and materials
Artists will be required to:
  • Stay in the accommodations provided with the other artists, if they do not live or have accommodations in Saskatoon.
  • Make this project their primary focus for the month, spending between 30-40 hours a week working on mainly this project.
  • Showcase their developed work at WEGO and discuss their artistic process.
  • Work with Remai Modern education staff to develop movement opportunities for youth programs.
  • Allow parts of the residency to be documented and filmed, dancers may be required to share parts of their creative process.
The main objectives of the program are:
  • To allow dance artists to develop and work on their creative process and push creative boundaries.
  • To allow dance artists the opportunity to be inspired by art from other mediums.
  • To provide equal or equitable opportunity for every Saskatchewan based dance artist to share mutual experiences through a variety of movement forms.
  • To remove social, economic, and circumstantial barriers which prevent artists from having time to develop their work and craft.
  • For artists to have the opportunity to share and showcase their work on a larger scale platform.
  • To provide mentorship and educational tools to Remai Modern educators on how to effectively teach dance to youth.
  • To promote different dance artists and arts styles to the public and arts community

Frequently Asked Questions

   1.  When is the deadline?

Deadline to apply is on Wednesday, July 24, by 11:59 pm.

   2.  How can I apply?

To apply please fill out and submit the application form.

   3.  How many hours a day will I be expected to work?

You may be required to work for 30-40 hours a week. This includes research time, working in the studio and time working at the Remai Modern museum. .

   4.  Will I become a DSI employee?

No, you will be hired as a contracted independent artist and responsible for your own operation and contributions to Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Income Tax Contributions, and all statutory or other deductions. 

   5.  When will I find out if my application is successful or not?

We will contact all applicants by email on Tuesday, July 30th, 2024.

   6.  If my application is successful, when will I start to work?

Successful applicants will start Monday, August 5th.

   7.  Where can I get more information?

Feel free to contact Senyo Akakpo by calling 306-519-3620 or emailing He would be pleased to assist you between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.